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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finished at Last....

Well, we are mostly finished, some tweaking here and there, but she LOVES the new look. As I was finishing up the last few days, helping her sort, discard, find a place for...it really struck me how hard this has been on her, not only physically battling cancer for 6 1/2 years, but having to give up a whole lifestyle, loosing a job, having to move from her own apartment, and trying to fit her life into a 12x13 room. But I think this fits her life right now, comfy cozy and it's her colors and choices....the pictures just don't do it justice, or at least the photographer...

On with the show

She found this little fireplace on clearance at Big Lots. She said if she could ever find a little fireplace she would get one for her room....so here it is, it really is beautiful in person

This is the Armoire all finished and decorated with all of her special little things she loves. She also has the DVR from the satellite hidden up there behind the plant.

Her room is so small that her very tall dresser also acts as a headboard. We covered the back and tufted the fabric with buttons.

A cute little clock she found at Hobby Lobby

She had framed these Thomas Kinkade prints from a calendar when she had her apartment. They went perfectly with the color.

A new valance and side panels to add some drama.

A little desk she found 'good willing' one day. Just the right size to fit

We found this little coat hook yesterday, the perfect solution for where to hang her robes...she loved the bling. I still need to touch up the color of the screws.

That pretty much finished up the show, we may add things as we change and tweak a little, but she loves it...whew....

Till Later

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Finishing up the Details of My Daughter's Room

It's been a busy month or more since I have posted. What started as a simple, let's paint my room, turned into a full fledged, get a new bed, new curtains, a cute fireplace and lots and lots of labor to pull it all together. We have a few more details to add, but we are almost there. I will show just a few pictures of some of the things we have done, and then in a few days, will have the full reveal....

This is a close up of the door detail for the Armoire I refinished for her Scrapbook supplies. It was a plain jane cabinet we picked up for $10 at a sale. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and waxed when I finished....she loves it.

She loves vintage bunnies, so she added a few to the top of the Armoire.

A few weeks back she found a fireplace on clearance, and we had this old mirror from an antique dresser, she just loved the look of it on top of the fireplace...

A few more things added to the top of the cabinet....and it's almost ready.

Just a sneak peak of what is to come....

See you soon


Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm late...I'm late....

I am not really late, but I feel that way. I have been so busy with things around the house, working on a few projects and helping my daughter who started a new chemo treatment this last week. It's been a rough week for her, so I stuck close to home to be here to help when she needed it. Finally today she is starting to feel better. Hopefully she will have a good week before she has another treatment next week.

In the process, I got her new scraping cabinet moved into her room, and she spent some time today organizing it, and finding all of her stuff. Hopefully this week, we can find some time to work on a couple of projects. Nothing like having all of your stuff organized to get those creative juices flowing.

Today I had one of my adopted grand daughters over to play. We painted little birdhouses....they turned out so cute.

And then we had a wonderful afternoon tea by the Fairy Garden. Little girls are such fun...

And later in the day we watched Toy Story 3, and both of us got a little teary at the end....

Till Later

Monday, May 16, 2011

Linking up with Debbie today

Love linking up with Debbie over at Debbiedo's on Monday's for the Newbie Party


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Refinished Cabinet

I have been working on a cabinet for my daughter's bedroom. She loves to scrapbook, and needs some more storage in her room. We found this cabinet for $10, and thought with a little paint and some handiwork, we could make it work. I painted it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and finished waxing it today. I think I under estimated the work involved since it didn't involve any prep except to remove tape and fill a few holes. I think I may need to purchase the book on painting with Chalk paint, the finish came out pretty rough using a brush. But all in all, it will look wonderful in her room, check it out.....

Hubby added trim around the door fronts and the little decoration at the top of the doors. He loved it that I was doing the painting instead of him this time.

The cabinet was originally from a high school and was used for storage. When they built the new high school, they didn't want to take any of the old storage units, so we bought 5 units for $10 apiece and used most of them for organizing the garage, this one was a nice wood unit, so it will be the perfect scrapbook place.

As soon as the wax is good and dry, we will move it in. I have it on piano dolly, so it will roll right into her room.

That's it for now


Monday, May 9, 2011

My blog prize from My Wonderfully Made arrived

I was so excited to today to open the mail and find a package from Lauren at My Wonderfully Made. It contained the cutest Easter picture. I had seen one she made on her blog before Easter and commented on it, and I won the extra one she made...wohoo!! I was out of town and asked her to wait till I returned before she sent it. It is so cute and the picture just doesn't do it justice.

You will find Lauren at http://mywonderfullymade.blogspot.com Hop on over and see the cute zipper pins she's making now.

Thanks again Lauren


Yikes, I have been missing in action for almost a month.

Lots has gone on since I last wrote. Not by choice, but because there was too much going on here since our visit to Philly to see my daughter's Oncologist. New treatment, new paperwork, new routine, and now a new nurse to get used to. Thankful that all of the details are working out, but it has been a heart wrenching month for all of us, especially our daughter.

But on a lighter note, we have been gardening this past week to take our minds off of the yucky treatment to come.

We had a blast putting together all sorts of Faries, plants and decorations for the garden by our front door. Later I will add a picture of the mini Fairy garden we have by the front door. It's so sweet.

Back to work, have lots of sorting and organizing before Friday comes

Till Then