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Monday, May 9, 2011


Yikes, I have been missing in action for almost a month.

Lots has gone on since I last wrote. Not by choice, but because there was too much going on here since our visit to Philly to see my daughter's Oncologist. New treatment, new paperwork, new routine, and now a new nurse to get used to. Thankful that all of the details are working out, but it has been a heart wrenching month for all of us, especially our daughter.

But on a lighter note, we have been gardening this past week to take our minds off of the yucky treatment to come.

We had a blast putting together all sorts of Faries, plants and decorations for the garden by our front door. Later I will add a picture of the mini Fairy garden we have by the front door. It's so sweet.

Back to work, have lots of sorting and organizing before Friday comes

Till Then


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  1. That is adorable. My granddaughters would love this. They are quite into fairies. Will be praying for your daughter.My aunt just celebrated the 16th anniversary of a bone marrow transplant as a result of breast cancer and her 50th birthday. She was stage 4.If you or your daughter would want to talk with her I know she would be happy to speak with you. Prayers and hugs to you both, Tami