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I'm a wife for 47 years to the sweetest man, have 3 great children, and lots and lots of pets. I have a love for crafts that goes back to my Nana who encouraged me to be creative when I was really little.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Today is the day.....I will start on this blog journey and see where it takes me....I have a joy in creating things by hand, and that brings me great contentment. I find a greater joy in the Lord and that I belong to Him and that brings me the greatest contentment of all. The last joy in my life is family....always has been, and I hope it always will be one of the things that brings a smile to my face.

Today's blog will be in honor of my family, because we are one less now and that saddens my heart. This photo was taken just a month before my brother Cliff passed away. Lower right, and it leaves a hole in our family. We miss you Cliffy....

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